Become a Brick in our Wall

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It's no cliche that any good organization is built brick by brick, and at Rockstar Canine Rescue & Sanctuary our organization has been built donor by donor, thanks to their AMAZING contributions. We'd like to honor that kindness by adding donor names to our facility's surrounding walls. Afterall, you are the bricks that support and cradle us, what better way to represent our combined efforts?
We have over 1,050 square feet of wall surface cradling our play yard that is only missing YOUR name!

Two different sized bricks make up the lower and top portions of our walls and we'd like to see your name, children's name(s), pet(s) name(s) or whatever name(s) you'd like, stenciled on ALL OF THEM!

We have two options to choose from depending on your monthly donation commitment.
Don't forget to enter your "Name for Brick"
$10 Monthly Donation
16"x4" Brick
$25 Monthly Donation
16"x8" Brick
All in all
it was all just
bricks in the wall.

~Pink Floyd~