About Us

 Rockstar Rescue was founded by Jamie Benfield in 2010, for the initial purpose of rescuing dogs. Later after earning a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a second Bachelor’s in Animal Physiology & Behavior, then earning a Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management, Jamie fine-tuned her skills and area of interest into a more focused cause.

Today Rockstar is a decompression & recovery facility specializing in dogs with extreme fear, injuries or illnesses on euthanasia lists at County shelters. With special focus given to dogs from hoarding situations and seniors. We also make it a point to “Stay small and rescue Big!” by housing only 7-10 dogs at any given time to provide a more attentive and concentrated level of care. This method combined with rehabilitation through healthy diets, needed medications, love, affection and behavior modification when necessary, have all proved beneficial to the recovery and re-homing of over 350 dogs-to-date.

As a No-Kill facility, our focus is on re-homing but in 2016 the addition of “Sanctuary Status” was officially added to our program for those dogs unable to rehabilitate and those not sought for adoption, ensuring lifetime and end-of-life care could be provided.

The homeless community and their dogs are also a focus of our organization with our “Rockstars on the Road” program. Free alteration, vaccinations, microchipping and other veterinary services, as well as dog boarding to selected individuals suffering hardship via hospitalization or temporary incarceration, is provided to homeless persons wishing to care for and stay with their loving dogs. Additional items such as collars, leashes, toys, bowls and food have also been provided to those homeless persons in need. Continued monitoring of these dogs has helped ease the burdens suffered by the homeless within our community.

With your help we hope to proceed with our mission in transforming each dog we intake from abused and neglected victim to ROCKSTAR.