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Our rockstar facility is small and intimate for the sole purpose of controlled decompression & rehabilitation.
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rockstar is a decompression & rehabilitation rescue & sanctuary for dogs that have suffered injury, illness, hoarding and other traumas. oh and we like rock stars...

From becoming a Rockstar Roadie (volunteer) or simply signing up your amazon account or fry's vip card. it all makes an impact on the dogs we care for every day!
becoming a rockstar roadie is the coolest gig in town! cleaning kennels, feeding dogs, play-time in the play yard, it's all necessary and rewarding for our dogs and you!
Got an Amazon account? How about a fry's vip card?
your everyday shopping online and in-store can help raise funds for our cause. check out all the ways you can help.
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Aside from the everyday donations that are necessary to maintain our facility and all the Rockstars in our care, we also have large-scale fundraisers and campaigns that we are trying to reach. Check em out...
The Horrors of Hoarding: An educational read for those interested in learning the short and long-term effects of  hoarding situations on dogs. Learn somthin'...
Now hear this! A space for our Founder to get things off her chest. Enter with caution!
Rockstar Canine Rescue & Sanctuary is not an open-public facility. We only take in dogs that meet our intake policies. Learn more...